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We dropped a german

I would like to taste the chocolate


Willy Wonka dailies

Mike Teevee

July 2010 at Carpentersville Middle School .

Inaugural Summer Musical Presented by the D300 Foundation for Educational Excellence


Michael Wade as Willy Wonka

Alex Boehm as Charlie

Mick Gehr as Grandpa George

Adam Huckeby as Mike Teevee

Julie Lange as Veruca Salt

Zach Preiwisch as Augustus Gloop

Wojtek Czyz as the Tall Oompa Loompa in the back and Mr. Bucket

Alissa Teadt as Mrs. Bucket

Alexandra Edwards as Grandma Georgina

Aubrey Waddick as the Reporter

Erick Waddick as Mr. Salt


Produced and DIrected by Mr. Fodor

Assistant DirectorSusan Larson

Musical Direction Daniel Beetstra

Choreography Jessica Cano

Set Design

Stage Manager Becca Payne