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Jacobs High School Winter 2014 Musical

February 27th and 28th

March 1st, 7th and 8th

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Joey Weng as Officer Lockstock


Meghan Meehan as Little Sally

Colin Bokowy as Bobby Strong


Delaney Resnick as Hope Cladwell

             as Soupy Sue (February 28th and March 8th)

Alissa Teadt as Soupy Sue

      as Hope Cladwell (February 28th and March 8th)

Katie Conomikes as Penelope Pennywise

Adam Huckeby as Caldwell B. Cladwell

Stephanie Vana as Little Becky Two Shoes


Zach Preiwisch as Hot Blades Harry

Alex Boehm as Joseph "Old Man" Strong

Lilly Devona as Josephine "Old Ma" Strong

Gersson Hilario as Officer Barrel

Thomas Moeller as Senator Fipp

Chris Swanson as Mr. McQueen

Alec Taylor as Tiny Tim

Lucas Tanner as Robby the Stockfish

Nicole Frantik as Billie Bobbi Baby

Shannon Jameson as Mrs. Millenium

Sydney Wellnitz as Dr. BIlleaux

Dance Captains:

Ali Jachniw and Shannon Jameson

The Poor

Parker Beus

Cristelle Escalante

Bryan Giannone

Ali Jachniw

Felicity Jemo

Emily Kucek

Christine Puleo

Amanda Wade

The Rich

JP Berg

Collin Beus

Rachael Buirge

Stephanie Fiorentino

Nadine Hernandez

Megan Lawrence

Teagan Sullivan

Paige Turner

The Cops

JP Berg

Collin Beus

Rachael Buirge

Stephanie Fiorentino

Nadine Hernandez

Shannon Jameson

Megan Lawrence

Teagan Sullivan

Paige Turner

Sydney Wellnitz


Director Rob Scharlow

Producer Jake Stouffer

Music Director Greg Matushek

Choreographer Heather Olcott

Set Construction Foreman Jerry Buirge

Hair / Makeup / Costume Coordinator Sarah Weinstein

Stage Manager Callie Owens

Student Tech Coordinator Kamil Molczyk

Pit Orchestra[]

Music Director / Conductor / Rehearsal Accompanist  Greg Matushek

Woodwinds  Greg Matushek

Brass Jake Stouffer

Drums Brent Jordan

Bass Kevin Dobbeck

Piano Beverly Tipps