Westfield's 17th annual Winter Musical

March 12 & 13, 2020

(our March 14th performance was canceled due to the Coronavirus Outbreak which shut down social interaction in the United States)

Starring Edit

Isabella Scarpelli as Queen

Brandon Hoy as King

Beatrice Halip as Winnifred

Ryne Larson as Dauntless

Martha Ottesen as Jester

Alexis Hill as Minstrel

Amelia Pollock as Lady Larken

Lani Jenkins as Wizard

Adam Peterson as Sir Harry

Chloe Kotlarz as Rowena

Charlotte Dolezal as Lucille

Alaina Dickman as Princess No. 12

Lucas Chambers as Knight #1

Kenneth Bonto as Knight #2

Ally Merlak as Mini-Jester

Katelyn Sanabria as Mini-Minstrel

Raychael McCullough

Sara Casey

Lilith Myers

Camryn Clark

Jacob Naumowicz

Donovan Clark

Allie Nguyen

Elisa Delgado

Aubrey Devona

Jessica Gorre

Hannah Singer

Aria Hurt

Jessica Soheil

Taylor Spieth

Alyssa Kovach

Olivia Stanojev

Kaelyn Kmiecik

Addy Tazbier

Zuzanna Kresinska

Isabella Villeda

Jiana Maranan

Gabriella Woodcock

Crew Edit

Produced by Mr.Fodor

Directed By Susan Larson

Music Directed by Kelly Hoblin-Lamorena

Choreography by Ellen Carlson

Assistant Producer Mr. Wagner

Set Design by Mrs. Murray and Mr. Heroldt

Coronavirus Edit

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker ordered all gatherings over 250 people canceled on Friday, March 13, 2020. Westfield was allowed to put on the show Friday evening by limiting the audience to that state law 250 participants. The scheduled Saturday matinee performance was canceled. All Illinois schools were ordered closed the following Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

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