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Oklahoma! 2004

The Making of the Original!

February 26th and 27th 2004 at Westfield Community School


Francesca Thompson as Aunt Eller

Adam Krahn as Curly

Lauren Brackett as Laurey

Connor Hindley as Ike Skidmore

Danny Trevor as Slim

Anthony Virgilio as Will Parker

Brandon Reisdorf as Jud Fry

Cristina Ashby as Ado Annie Carnes

Greg Buck as Ali Hakim

Erin O'Brien as Gertie Cummings

David Marrah as Andrew Carnes

Andy Ademe as Cord Elam

Matthew Frierdich as Fred

Colin Goerdt as Joe

Adam Gray as Jess

Frankie Gross as Tom

Harry Keyes as Mike

Erick Waddick as Sam

Jessica Fletcher as Virginia

Jenna Johnson as Ellen

Lauren Leipold as Kate

Jessica Slovak as Vivian

Mallory Weadley as Aggie

Kaitlyn Bang

Kasey Hoogervorst

Ashley Mitrovic

Kelsey Robinette

Laura Summerkamp

Ann Vornsand

Danielle Calabria

Kelsey Louma

Kylie Resnick

Sara Santoria

Sarah Trevor


Stage Direction by Mr. Romack and Mr. Fodor

Music Direction by Ms. Marino

Choreography by Mrs. Roberts and Brittany Roberts

Set Design by Cathy Breitholtz and Mr. Steadman

Stage Manager Mandy Platt

Musical Accompanyment Ms. Marino and Darren Marino

Costume Manager Jerri Jacobs

Prop Manager Elisabeth Kunschke