Stephen Fodor started the theater program at Westfield Community School in 2002. 


Director of Oklahoma! at Westfield 2004

Director of Oliver! at Westfield 2005

Producer of Bye Bye Birdie at Westfield 2006

Producer of O.A.T.S. at Westfield 2007

Producer of High School Musical at Westfield 2008

Producer of Fiddler on the Roof at Westfield 2009

Producer of The Music Man at Westfield 2010

Director and producer of Willy Wonka at D300 Foundation presents 2010

Producer of Annie at Westfield 2011

Producer of Into the Woods at D300 Foundation presents 2011

Producer of Aladdin at Westfield 2012

Technical Assistant of Bye Bye Birdie at D300 Foundation  presents 2012

Producer of Once Upon a Mattress at Westfield 2013

Producer of Guys and Dolls at D300 Foundation presents 2013

Producer of Oklahoma! (tenth anniversary) 2014

Producer of High School Musical 2014

Producer of Beauty and the Beast 2015

Producer of HONK! 2015

Producer of Willy Wonka 2016

Producer of Mulan 2017

Producer of Seussical 2018

Producer of High School Musical 2019

Producer of Once Upon a Mattress 2020


phone 847-532-PROP


Facebook page Mr. Fodor


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