District 300 Presents Wiki

July 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd, 2011

D300 Foundation presents Into the Woods atJacobs High School


Allison Anstead as Lucinda

Abbey Bjork as cinderella

Alex Boehm as Jack

Rachael Buirge as dancer

Eve Catania Rapunzel

Lydia Clough as dancer

Katie Frantik as kid

Faith Freemon as dancer

Jonathan Gibbs as cinderella's prince and wolf

Catherine Hicks as kid

Adam Huckeby as steward

Danielle Klein as Little Red

Alex Kuphal as kid

Julie Lange as cinderella's mother

Nicole Magerko as stepmother

Elise Oppegaard as Florinda

Ariana Pignatari as kid

Abby Preiwisch as kid

Zach Preiwisch as mysterious man

Delaney Resnick as narrator

Althea Roggenbuck as kid

Leah Soderstrom as Granny

Kevin Stoffel as rapunzel's prince

Teagan Sullivan as dancer

Alissa Teadt as baker's wife

Michael Wade as The Baker

Racquel Washington as dancer

Allison Wellnitz as witch

Sydney Wellnitz as jack's mother


Produced by Mr. Fodor

Directed by Matt Silar

Choreography Ms. Cano

Set Design

Stage Manager Antony Marach