Holly in the Wedding Singer (Feb 16-18 2018)

IMG 5895
IMG 5727

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (2017)

Bride Ancestor in Addams Family Musical (2017) at the Woodstock Opera House

IMG 3803

Leaf's mom in 25th annual Putnam county spelling bee(2017)

Agatha Hobbes unusual suspects (2017)

Gloria Rasputain, Penelope Anne, Dance Captain in Bye Bye Birdie (2017)

Glory in Almost Maine (2016)

IMG 0665

Tricia in A Chorus Line (2016)

Princess/ Snow White in The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (2016)

Pennywise /Choreographer in Urinetown (2016)

Wife and prologue soloist in Joseph (2015-2016)

IMG 5885


  Alexi darling/ Homeless in Rent (2015- 2016)

Juror 9 in Twelve Angry Men (2015)

Grandma Addams in Addams Family Musical (2015)

Dot in Honk  (2015)

IMG 8912

Heather/ Leah in Asland Falls(2015)

Pilar in Legally Blonde(2015)

IMG 3889

Pilar in Legally Blonde

Taylor McKessie in High School Musical (2014)

Aunt Eller in Oklahoma!(2014)

Soloist/Dancer in Godspell (2013)

Hot box dancer/ crap shooter in Guys and Dolls (2013)
Josh's first role

Guys and Dolls July 2013

Lead dancer/ Beatrice in Once Upon a Mattress(2013)

Lead dancer in Great American tall Tales (2012)

Helen in Bye Bye Birdie (2012)

Baker in Aladdin (2012)

A mother in Mulan (2011)

Snow White in Snow White(2011)

a Who in sussical (2010)

a singer/ dancer in A Christmas Carol (2010)

All About Holly Edit

She's pretty cool lol

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