District 300 Presents Wiki

July 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th 2015 at Hampshire Middle School

6th annual Summer Musical Presented by The D300 Foundation for Educational Excellence


Felicity Jemo as Ida

Mitchell Barrett as Ugly

Alex Kuphal as Drake

Izzy Hoyou as Cat

Gabby Juskey as Maureen

Maddy Barrett as Henrietta

Alyssa Kuphal as Jay Bird

Trent Bauman as Greylag

Holly Bender as Dot

Veronica Perez as Fluff

Haylee Boehm as Billy

Jessica Ruiz as Downy

Katie Durso as Beaky

Alex Boyce as Bullfrog

Sydney Haines as Froglette

Rebecca Aguilar as Froglette

Bella Fiedler as Froglette

Sarah Carr as Mother Swan

Josh Fodor as Father Swan

Grant Bauman as Turkey

Sam Albrecht as Bewick

Sydney Adkins as Grace

Abbey McComb as Penny

Eli Bates as Barnicle

Campbell Dennison as Snowy

Marie Adkins as Pink Foot

Bri Morin as Duck Chorus

Ireland Ashburn as Duck Chorus

Autumn Kovach as Duck Chorus

Anna Loman as Duck Chorus

Eliana Maheo as Duck Chorus

Kailey Oakes as Duck Chorus

Mia Coken as Frog Chorus

Amber Wenzon as Frog Chorus

Marcelina Wasilewski as Frog Chorus

Linnea Buhrow as Frog Chorus

Emily Baczynski as Frog Chorus

Katherine Neruda as Greylag Chorus

Abby Matjevic as Greylag Chorus

Miranda Barrett as Greylag Chorus

Jenn Entz as Greylag Chorus

Tania Vesselinova as Greylag Chorus

Gian Manguerra as Greylag Chorus

Morgan Miller as Greylag Chorus

Emily Payne as Featured Dancer

Josie Jemo as Featured Dancer

Kailey Oakes as Featured Dancer


Elisabeth Neruda

Kaitlyn Wilson-Witte

Gabby Freiberg

Alex Boehm

Elizabeth D' Arpa

Noah D'Arpa

Max Minster

Mike Remakel

Produced by Mr.Fodor

Directed By Susan Larson

Assistant Director Alex Boehm

Associate Director Zach Preiwisch

Music Directed by Mr. Bishop

Associate Music Director Earl Rigby

Choreography by Sarah Robertson

Costumes by Mrs. Adkins