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Guys and Dolls July 2013

Guys and Dolls 2013

D300 Foundation presents Guys and Dolls June 12, 13, 19 and 20, 2013 at Jacobs High School


Kaylee Hofman as Sarah

Julie Lange as Adelaide

Alex Boehm as Nathan Detroit

Liam Fitch as Sky Masterson

Adam Huckeby as Nicely-Nicely Johnson

Zach Preiwisch as Benny

Nicole Frantik as Big Jules

Alex Kuphal as Harry the Horse

Sydney Wellnitz as Rusty

JP Berg as Lt. Brannigan

Christina Spears as Arvide

Kelly Durgan as General Cartwright

Rachel Lind as Agatha

Eli Bates as Calvin

Luke Andrea as Calvin

Megan Lai as Martha

Mary Carr as Bertha

Abby Preiwisch as Angie the Ox

Katie Frantik as Liver Lips Louie

Gerrin Alexander as Society Max

Joshua Fodor as Lookout

Raquel Washington as Mimi

Sydney Adkins as Master of Ceremonies


Ally Anstead

Holly Bender

Lydia Clough

Isabella Fiedler

Nicole Frantik

Alyssa Meehan

Raquel Washington

Sydney Wellnitz


Gerrin Alexander

Joshua Fodor

Katie Frantik

Gersson Hilario

Gabby Juskey

Elise Oppegaard

Abby Preiwisch


Sydney Adkins

Samuel Albrecht

Luke Andrea

Emily Baczynski

Eli Bates

Haylee Boehm

Mary Carr

Megan Lai

Briana Morin

Nikita Swamy

Lindsey Taylor


Directed by Susan Larson

Assistant Director Alissa Teadt

Produced by Mr. Fodor

Choreographer and Musical Director Melody Kuphal

Assistant Choroegrapher Rhiann Owen

Set Design Jim Morrison

Stage Managers Rebecca Payne and Rhiann Owen

Student Tech Manager Kamil Molczyk

Noah D'Arpa

Lilly Devona

Tommy Devona

Caylee Gallagher

Audrey Gniech

Michaela Kramer

Jacque Mattes

Mandi Santos

Kevin Theehs

Everett Usher

Alex Wulf