Westfield's 2015 Winter Musical presented March 12, 13 and 14th, 2015


Elena Gjata as Belle

Anthony Leja as the Beast

Sydney Adkins as a Silly Girl

Evelyn Dale as a Silly Girl

Abbey McComb as a Silly Girl

Eli Bates as Maurice

Imani Emanuel as Madame De La Grande Bouche

Isabelle Hoyou as Mrs. Potts

Grant Bauman as Lumiere

Sam Albrecht as Lefou

Luke Andrea as Monsieur D'Arque

Tommy Devona as Cogsworth

Ryan Frantik as Chip

Lauren Holtz as Babette

Nico Vallenas as Gaston

Bri Morin, Katherine Neruda, Josefine Jemo, and Veronica Perez as  the Narrators

The Villagers and Flatware:

Marie Adkins

Ireland Ashburn

Haylee Boehm

Linnea Buhrow

Kara Drummond

Jade Escalante

Abby Gjata

Charlotte Hicks

Anthony Hocin

Josie Jemo

Alyssa Kuphal

Maya Magsamen

Dominic Moscatello

Anthony Palomino

Jacob Perez

Jaclyn Schmidt

Jaelyn Sproule

Rachel Stanojev

Ryan Varas

Luke Vega

Tania Vesselinova

George Whitney

Stephen Worsham

Crew Edit

Directed by Mr. Romack

Produced by Mr. Fodor

Musical Direction by Mrs. Piel

Choreography by Mrs. Baker

Stage Managers- Gabby Freiburg and Julia Frank

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