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Annie Rehearsal footage

Early rehearsal. FANTASTIC

March 10, 11 and 12, 2011 at Westfield Community School

**first performance on the Westfield stage facing the Gymnasium instead of the cafeteria


Annie — Stephanie Fiorentino

Annie Understudy — Meghan Meehan

Molly — Abby Preiwisch

Pepper — Nicole Magerko

Duffy — Katie Cooke

Kate — Felicity Jemo

Tessie — Gerrin Alexander

July — Meghan Meehan

Orphan — Anusha Duggirala

Orphan — Jade Labak

Orphan — Sage Catania

Orphan — Lilly Devona

Mr. Bundles — Ben Zakes

Apple Seller — Jenna Hodgson

Miss Hannigan — Zoe Krauss

Miss Hannigan understudy — Nicole Magerko

Sandy — Kody Casey

Grace Farrell — Rachel McGreaham

Drake — Steve Schmidt

Cecille — Shannon Jameson

Annette — Liz Foster

Mrs.Greer — Sydney Wellnitz

Mrs. Pugh — Teagan Sullivan

Oliver Warbucks — Connor Hull

Servant — Kristin Gillette

Servant — Mateusz Kawalko

Servant — Patryk Maczuga

Star-To-Be — Nicole Frantik

Usherette — Danielle Gehr

Rooster Hannigan — Adam Huckeby

Lily St. Regis — Eve Catania

Bert Healy — Alex Garcia

President Roosevelt — Liam Fitch


Stage Direction by Mr. Romack

Assistant Director Matt Silar

Produced by Mr. Fodor

Music Direction by Mrs. Szamocki

Choreography by Ms. Cano

Set Design by Mary McCoy

Stage Manager Antony Marach