March 8th and 9th, 2012 Westfield Community School


Gerrin Alexander

Trent Bauman as Genie

Holly Bender

Matalyn Calma

Adrion Cruz as the Prince Formerly Known as The Artist

Grace Dale

Lilly Devona as Narrator #1

Lindsay Drake

Annie Duggirala

Cristelle Escalante as Jasmin

Stephanie Fiorentino

Liam Fitch

Liz Foster as Harlem Girl

Nicole Frantik as Narrator #3

Katie Frantik as Assistant

Danielle Gehr

Sofia Gjata

Darian Goulding as understudy Sultan

Ali Jachniw as Harem Girl and Carpet

Felicity Jemo as Narrator #2

Alex Kuphal as Narrator #4

Jade Labak

Lucy Laubenstein

Kayla Lewis as Narrator #5

Patryk Maczuga as Sultan

Alyssa Meehan as Assistant

Elise Orencia

Abby Preiwisch as Iago

Steven Schmidt as Jafar

Teagan Sullivan

Brandon Teadt as Prince Baba of Ganoush

Shianne Terlecki

John Trent as Razoul

Veronica Vasquez

Jordan Warble

Ryan Webb as Aladdin

Nick Witt

Ben Zakes as Royal Guard


Stage Direction by Mr. Romack

Produced by Mr. Fodor

Music Direction by Mrs. Szamocki

Choreography by Ms. Cano

Set Design by

Stage Manager

Sound - Kamil Molczyk

Prop and Costume - Ashley Drake

History Edit

This show was nearly cancelled when a Norovirus came to Westfield. Kane county health department nearly shut the school down when many of the students and teachers became sick. Perhaps the only reason Westfield was not closed was because this all happened on opening night for Aladdin.

Students who made it to the performance were frequently found on the floor in the cafeteria, in the fetal position, between numbers.

Patryk Maczuga was the only lead who did not make it to the show. Mr. Fodor had to scramble to find a replacement and found Darian Goulding who had done the same show over the Summer to come in and perform as the Sultan.

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